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Join the Movement Against PVC!

PVC (AKA polyvinyl chloride) is a hazardous chemical commonly used in household products - including kitchen accessories. PVC is toxic and using products containing it carries significant health risks. In response to PVC's toxic threats many governments, corporations, and organizations have begun to phase out PVC and switch to safer, healthier non-PVC products (CHEJ 2014). Even so, the continued prevalence of PVC used in the housewares industry is due its cheap production costs and lack of state/federal regulation. Many budget retailers ignore the dangers of PVC and continue to use it in low-end products simply to save on costs.


Most low-end flooring products currently sold in the US are made of 100% PVC. Check the label before you buy!


Our products do not contain any PVC or phthalates (another hazardous chemical).


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